You Need To Focus On Your Recovery. I Want To Help.

Julie R. Cooper‘s Approach To The Law

I have a lot of experience helping people in the wake of serious injury. The Law Offices of Julie R. Cooper focuses on workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. I care passionately about helping injured people get healthy and financially secure.

My clients appreciate that I take a personal interest in their case. Of particular note is my willingness to listen and fully understand all of the facts and circumstances surrounding their case. I know that I cannot help you unless I understand your situation fully. That is why I take the time to get to know my clients. I will take the time to get to know you and to put you in the best position to get back on track with your legal matter.

I collaborate on all of my cases with another attorney in my office, Donal W. Petty, who is also an experienced advocate for injury victims. Together, we help those in Liberty, Missouri and Clay County who may otherwise not have a voice in the legal system.

A Practical, Determined Approach To The Law

While my main concern is helping people, I do so in the way my clients need it the most: with a knowledgeable, calculated approach to obtaining their best interests.

Unlike many other lawyers, I have a scientific background. I know how to get to the truth of a matter and present my cases logically. As a former research chemist with knowledge of the medical community, I know that some doctors may be better suited to treat your medical condition than others. You can rely on me to guide you through your legal matter and keep your medical and financial interests in mind throughout the process.

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